"...I ‘ve used your product for about 4 years and it works great. I mostly go to lake Roosevelt in Arizona. I have also got a lot of my friends to use your product as well. Thank you, and please keep making this awesome product."

David - Tucson, Arizona

I mixed Sea Spot Go up and sprayed it on my 14 year old boat. I only did the front section because that's what was easy to get to. It looks amazing. So, I can confirm that it works on North Texas water spots! I've already recommended it to a friend with a boat.   Thank you!   

John - Keller, Texas

Let me tell you a story. I have a lake house in Elkhorn WI. I have three jetskis, a wakeboat and a pontoon. They were a mess with waterspots and I tried everything. I looked up solutions on the internet and tried them all. When I saw your solution I bought it but was not expecting great results as everything else had failed. These spots were ridiculously stubborn. Well, I will tell you that your product worked like magic. You created joy in someone's life! I have been using it for 2 years now and couldn't be happier. There should not be a lake house out there without Sea Spot Go in it to give the lake toys love.

Thanks for all that you do.
Dave - Elkhorn, Wisconsin


Dan - Kelseyville, California

We actually use the Sea Spot Go (for years now) on our boat in Nevada - it's the only product we use for spots and we recommend to everyone we know. The marina at Echo Bay used to carry Sea Spot but with water low and the marina closed they don't anymore. Thankfully you can ship it to me!

Kelly - Santa Clarita, California

What a great product. Has worked well for me so far on my boat motor and trailer. Have not had to use it on anything else yet. It worked so well for me that I passed 3 spray bottles of it on to some of my fishing buddies for them to try. I will be ordering some more shortly I am sure as I have given most of mine away.Thanks.

David - Rocklin, California

The first order I received two spray bottles, the stuff works great on the water spots I got on the boat and motors while I was on Black Lake in Northern Lower Michigan for three weeks vacation. The water spots are not as bad in my area in Ohio, but is still nice to have around for touch ups especially on black motors and a dark blue boat. Thanks again for solving my water spot problems.

Rick - Ohio/Michigan

I am anxious to try Sea Spot Go in Maryland. I have used a lot of it in the past with success. I have spent hundreds of dollars on useless products trying to get to a product that will work. I was amazed when I first ran across Sea Spot Go. It is so good and effortless to use.

Bobby - Colorado

Thanks for the information on how to use your product. I have been using it for years and have found it to be the absolute best product of its kind I have ever used.

I have recommended it to many friends, some of which are also using your product.

Mike - Lake Havasu City, Arizona

LOVE it in Iowa and tell everyone in the marina about it. I also use it in my glass shower and never have water spots.

Scott and Mary - Polk City, Iowa

Amazing, spray it on until it starts to run a little, wait a few seconds, and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. Took the spots off my outboard motor and the sides of my pontoon with very little effort on my part. This stuff works great at Nolin River Lake in Kentucky.


David - Nolin River Lake, Kentucky

Hi, I got my order for Sea Spot Go about a month ago and have been really excited to test it out. This last weekend I got to really use it for the first time on my wakeboard boat. After we pulled it out of Anderson Lake for the day I sprayed the boat down with Sea Spot Go, waited 20 second and then wiped it with a wet towel, rinsed and then dried the boat with a clean towel. All I can say is WOW! I had some difficult water spots in areas that just wiped right off with ease. These were the kind of water spots that I have had to spend hours buffing and waxing to get out in the past. I have used many different high end name brand products in the past with very little results. Sea Spot Go seemed to take care of them with ease. My wife even notice that the boat had a brighter shine to it. I'm looking forward to not having to spend hours buffing anymore and now my buddies are ordering some for their boats.

Thank you for a product that actually does what it says and gets water spots off.

Derik - Santa Clara, California

Your product worked great! It embarrasses me to say this, but I have been quite lazy when it comes to wiping off my boat after taking it out of the water. The accumulation of water spots on my boat was ridiculous. Today, I used you product on my boat, a 2004 Sea Ray 200 Select. I almost came in to write this email before I finished with the first side of the boat. The boat looks absolutely amazing! I will certainly recommend this product to everyone I know.

For your results tracking, I use my boat mostly in South Dakota lakes. I also occasionally take it to Okoboji, IA.

Thank you!
Joey - South Dakota

WOW! This stuff really works. I used it on my boat which had a couple years of those pesky white water spots on it. It did a great job. I washed my boat, applied the "Sea Spot Go", wiped with a damp sponge, rinsed, and then wiped dry. I was very satisfied with the results. In a couple of problem areas, I repeated the process. I will continue to purchase and use this product.

Tim - Helena, Montana

Wondering about water spots on cars? Here's a response from a new Mercedes-Benz owner in Lawndale, California...

Hi there,

I used your product this weekend when I washed my car. Just as an FYI, Sea Spot Go was more of plan B because the clay bar and wax that I had ordered hadn't yet arrived. I was going to try and elbow grease the water spots out. Boy am I glad the package was delayed. Here's what I found:

I was a little leery about spraying this stuff directly onto dry paint so I used it as kind of a water softener of sorts. After I washed the car, and with the car still soaked in water, I sprayed this stuff over the entire car. (Yes, I did test area or two beforehand.) I let the spray sit a minute and then rubbed with a wash mitt -- just slightly. Then I rinsed again mucho grande with water. Holy smokes, when I dried the paint and windows, not a single water spot. I was talking, yeah, "I should be a detailer." Ha, ha. I couldn't really do it full time. I find it fun just to be a DIYer on weekends.

You would not believe all the elbow grease I saved from not having to clay and wax my car to rid the water spots. And your product worked everywhere, too. Even the black plastic stuff between the doors got shiner. Amazing.

SF - Lawndale, California

Product works great!!! We are in West Texas. We have a brand new Malibu Axis and it cleaned the water spots right off! Also used it on windows of the house where the sprinklers have been spraying for years...worked like a dream!!

Walter - Odessa, Texas

Hey Gang at Sea Spot Go, Well this is my second order of Sea Spot Go, so that has got to tell you something. This stuff is great! I live here in California but I do all my boating in Parker, Arizona and even after a week of boating and having the hot suns of Arizona bake water spots on my boat, Sea Spot Go removes them all with ease! One time I had some friends with me after a weekend of boating and they were helping me clean the boat and were amazed on how well Sea Spot Go works, just as I am every time I use it. After I use Sea Spot Go I always get compliments from people thinking I just detail my boat; that is a big deal considering that the second color on the boat is black. I've also used it on the gel coated fiber glass body of my 5th wheel trailer and my glass shower door at home and it works perfectly every time. I've noticed if you do have a stubborn spot, just soak a paper towel or some type of cloth and just leave it on the stubborn spot for a few minutes and it comes right off. I just can't say enough about Sea Spot Go! Thank you for making my life easy and my boat beautiful!!!

Jeremy - Culver City, California

Thank you for this amazing product! We vacationed in very hard water at Lake Powell last year at the end of the season. Came home and immediately winterized the boat. In the spring, we realized that we had a mess on our hands. We scrubbed and scrubbed to no avail. I found you on the internet and took a chance. With one simple spray, our girl is brand new again. I have already e-mailed every boater I know and told them to buy this product! Thanks.

Lorie - Big Bear City, California

P.S. This is the best stuff ever- and I love that it doesn't smell.

When I lived in Oregon I owned a boat and someone mentioned that Sea Spot Go was a great product for my boat. I purchased it and found it was also great for shower stalls, especially the glass. It is really the best product on the market for removal of hard water spots and to keep the spots from coming back. Thank you so much!

Amanda - Portland, Oregon

I originally got a bottle of Sea Spot Go at the place where we bought our boat. You know, buy a $65,000 bottle of Sea Spot Go and get a free boat! My wife scammed it out of the owner and it has worked the best out of all four different products we've tried. We've tried Ducky (it's okay, a bit streaky), Sundance (not worth the bottle it was sent in), my own concoction of Windex and vinegar (too labor intensive as I've got to wax it all the time), and your product (kicks butt). I will use no other product ever again. My wife has even used it inside on our clear glass shower. I was happy that after 6 years of showering, I realized again that I had a clear glass shower, not the opaque one I had gotten used to.

Seriously though, your product rocks! I slipped our boat for 3 nights and had it out, running hard, for 4 straight days at Lake Powell just last week. I did not wipe it down at all (scary thought) until I pulled it out after those 4 days. You could have knocked the hard water spots off the boat in chunks and built a city! With one application of Sea Spot Go and a little elbow grease, my boat again looks like it rolled off the showroom floor. I followed it up with a quick detailer I use, One Grand is the manufacturer, and it was smoooooooooth as a baby's behind.

I would be happy to recommend your product to whomever asks!
Toby - Mesa, Arizona!

I want to compliment you on a GREAT product. I have a 10 year old Fiberglass boat here in Minnesota. (FYI - It has never been in salt water). I bought the boat new and have NEVER been able to completely remove water spots - until now. I detailed my boat today, and have always had to just put wax on over the spots, because I just couldn't get them off. But today I used See Spot Go first. Although it took at least two treatments and usually three - there was no hard rubbing or polishing. I just sprayed, spread it around with my hand, and wiped with a wrung out wet rag. All the spots came off. Then I waxed with a good carnauba wax. MY 10 YEAR OLD BOAT SHINES LIKE NEW. I also used it on the windshield and have clear glsss again! THANK YOU! I will recommend your product to anyone (like me) who likes a really shiny fiberglass finish on their boat! WOW!

Matt - Saint Paul, Minnesota

I can tell you that Sea Spot Go works wonderfully, this is my second order. We use our boat on Smithville lake and after one day of water sports in the sun we have spots. We use Sea Spot Go about three times throughout the season to keep the spots from getting out of hand. Thank you for your product, William

William - Kansas City, Missouri

Seriously, your product is absolutely phenomenal! My truck was sitting in 95 degree weather all day in direct sunlight, then we turned on the sprinklers and I noticed that everywhere the water hit it baked a stain into the tinted windows and my paint job. It looked horrible. I went to a couple different auto stores and bought a couple of different rubs and polishes. I came across one polish that took the stains out of my paint but not my windows, not even a little. Searching the Internet I read about all kinds of remedies for my windows and tried a few, none of which worked. We do have hard water at our home but have never had a problem with it causing stains that I almost came to the conclusion were totally permanent. I came across your website and ordered Sea Spot Go and tried it out as a last resort before buying new windows(the stains were that terrible looking).
I read your testimonials on your website and thought "yeah right". Now here I am writing one very similar to those I read. It took a couple of uses then I couldn't believe it, it took every single stain out. My money was definitely well spent on Sea Spot Go.

Kristen - Blaine, Minnesota

I have been a boat owner for close to twenty years. I am extremely careful about how I take care of my boat. Currently, I have a 1999 MasterCraft Maristar. It is my pride and joy. I use Sea Spot Go after every boating excursion. And, my boat looks just as good as it did when it was new. Sea Spot go is fantastic. I give it a five star rating, and recommend it highly for all boaters.

Dr. Jim
Tahoe Paradise, California

You wanted feedback on how your product worked on my windows in Corona, CA.

Only one word to describe it and that is INCREDIBLE! I went from barely being able to see out the lower portions of my office window to totally clear glass.

Tom - Corona, California

Hello! I have tried Sea Spot go on my van and it worked!! I had sprinkler spots from my parking spot at an apartment complex, and had it buffed out once. I cant believe I spent $150.00 to get it buffed out!!! I will never do that again!!! The spots came back though because the sprinklers still reach my covered parking spot. I have talked with the apartment complex manager and he will work on getting that sprinkler adjusted. But your product is awesome!! I had my doubts, but I am amazed! I will let my neighbor borrow some because she has spots on her apartment window that she has been trying to get out!!! I will let you know the results of that as well too!!

Thanks so much!!!
Ruth - Las Vegas, Nevada

Sea Spot Go Rules!!!

I live in Las Vegas, NV and the water here is hard. Every time I run my sprinklers my car gets wet, the sun dries the water, and yes you guessed it WATER SPOTS. I hate it. I had tried everything I could find and nothing would remove the spots. I could get the dirt off that was around or on the spots but NEVER the actual spots. I was ready to give up, I HAD, HAD IT WITH WATER SPOTS!! Then I was driving a friend around Las Vegas and she suggested I get a bottle of SEA SPOT GO. I was hesitant considering I had tried everything, so I thought. Well she got me a bottle and WOW it actually worked. I was really impressed. It was SO easy to use. I sprayed, wiped, and rinsed and the spots were gone. I would recommend SEA SPOT GO to anyone who struggles to get those hard water spots off anything. This stuff rocks. You won’t be able to find anything else on the market that works like it. THANK YOU SEA SPOT GO!!!!!!!!!!

Sara - Las Vegas, Nevada

Sea Spot Go was wonderful on my boat! Used it this last weekend. I had done the one side with Ducky, a couple of weekends ago, and then I used Sea Spot Go on the whole boat. What a difference! Great product!

Vicki - Laramie, Wyoming

I just wanted to let you know that your product worked great on my black outboard motor cover. The motor is only one year old, but had water spots that were hard to remove. The black color of the motor just made them stand out even more. We sprayed on the Sea Spot Go, let it sit for about a minute and wiped it down with a damp cloth. It took two applications to really get it clean but the spots were gone. We then applied an application of Rejex. The motor has such a deep shine on it now that we can literally comb our hair looking at it...Thanks for a great product.

Gordon - Austin, Texas

Your product worked very well! I had my doubts prior to ordering but it works very well. Not many things work as well as they say they do, but your stuff absolutely does....

Jeremy - Bandera, Texas

I have been cleaning boats for 20 years. Sea Spot Go is the best water spot remover (and I have tried them all!) that I have found. It is quick, easy to use, odorless, and does not irritate your skin. I pull my boat out of the water, spray Sea Spot Go on, wipe it off and the outside of my boat is done and ready to store! It does not dull the finish and takes only minutes.

It also works great on glass. I use it on my house and boat windows. I have a window that gets awful water spots from sprinkler spray. It removes the water spots and leaves the glass looking sparkling clean. I recommend Sea Spot Go for anyone who wants fast easy cleanup of hard water spots.

Tammy - Salt Lake City, Utah

It was always an unpleasant task to get the children to wipe the boat down after a day on the water. After getting a bottle of Sea Spot Go, the unpleasant task has turned into a fun, even somewhat competitive event. The kids try to get their portion of the boat the shiniest. Our 4 year old boat looks brand new.

Sea Spot Go is an amazing product ! I've tried it on tough Weber water spots on my Suburban windows and the windows at work which have been soaked with irrigation water for years. My sons use it on their shower, both glass and chrome. Sea Spot Go leaves both spotless and shiny. Great stuff !! We love it !!

Kayla - Bountiful, Utah

After seeing what a great job Sea Spot Go did on boats, I decided to try it around my house. The hard water deposits on the windows, and also the windshields of the cars, disappeared. I also use it on my kitchen and bathroom tile and shower doors. I had tried everything in the past and nothing really impressed me. Sea Spot Go does.

Vicki G - Salt Lake City, Utah

I had been looking for many years, and had tried various products to remove the hard water deposits that our sprinkling system left on the windows of my home, to no avail nothing worked.

One day I went into a Boat and RV Store and saw "Sea Spot Go". I decided that if it worked on boats that it might work on the windows of my home.

I sprayed "Sea Spot Go" on the windows and then used a soft nylon scouring pad, the hard water deposits dissolved immediately.

I then rinsed the windows with clear water, leaving my windows clean and bright for the first time in years.
"Sea Spot Go" works great and I wouldn't use anything else.

T.J. - Pleasant Grove, Utah

I’m really fussy about my boat. I always hand towels out to my friends the minute we pull out of the water to polish it up. I was always disappointed because the water marks didn’t quite come off. After I’d get home and really clean it up, they were still there. I tried other water spot removers, thinking they were all the same; then I tried yours. It was such an improvement ! The spots really do go ! I put a special strap under my dash for a bottle of Sea Spot Go and I use it every time we pull the boat out. It has made such a difference. No more trace of spots. It looks like new.

I’ve started using it everywhere. The windows around my hot tub were always covered with water spots. I used Sea Spot Go to clean them and now they look great.

I’m so happy with my discovery of Sea Spot Go. Thanks !

Shari D. - Alpine, Utah