watercraft spot remover

            You could pay more...but why?


  • In marine shop comparison tests, Sea Spot Go has been proven as the most effective water spot remover.
  • Sea Spot Go is the Obvious Solution for boaters and detailers for removing water spots; they love it! (Check the testimonials!)
  • Sea Spot Go is available in a 34 oz. trigger spray or gallon bottle,  premixed or concentrate solution. We have the best price on the internet and cover shipping: prepare to add $10-$20 more with the others.
  • We were the first to offer the gallon for refills, to save the customer money, and the landfill space! SSG is environmentally safe and phosphate free.

Sea Spot Go Is A Great Water Spot Remover For:

  • Boats and personal water craft
  • Exterior windows sprayed with sprinkler water: houses, schools, stores, offices, and restaurants. (There are a bunch !)
  • Cars sprayed with sprinkler water
  • Hot tubs
  • Shower glass