Common Questions

Q. Does Sea Spot Go take the wax off of my boat?

A. We'll answer that with an unsolicited comment from our biggest retailer. He said that no customer, who had ever bought SSG from them, had ever complained about it taking the wax off. He added that he couldn't say the same about the other water spot removers on his shelves.

Q. My car has been sprayed by the sprinklers and I can’t get the spots off. Can Sea Spot Go remove the spots ?

A. Though SSG was originally formulated for boats, customers have found it to be equally effective for removing water spots from cars.

  • Our first year we were told, by a friend who uses SSG, of a lady whose new Blazer had been parked on the road for 3 days, while she was out of town. She came back to find it covered with hard water spots from the sprinklers. She asked the car dealer what she could do to remove them and was told they could acid bath her Blazer for $75. While thinking it over, her friend gave her a bottle of SSG. She was thrilled when she was able to clean the spots from her Blazer and save the $75.
  • A fireman at a Utah County fire station was seen by some touring Boy Scouts, washing spots from their trucks with a bottle of Sea Spot Go.
  • A car detailing business in Salt Lake relies heavily on Sea Spot Go to remove hard water spots from the vehicles they clean.
  • A friend pulled in our drive-way in her Suburban. Her vision was impaired by water spots from their sprinklers. Well, we couldn’t have that! She got a spontaneous cleaning job with Sea Spot Go. She left being able to see clearly out of her windows and the spotted red paint was shiny once again.
  • these are just a few examples! We have never had problems with SSG being used on cars but, just to error on the side of caution, we recommend that when SSG is sprayed on, it is wiped off right after, and then rinsed with water
Q. My shower doors are covered with hard water spots; will Sea Spot Go be able to clean them off?

A. Yes, yes, yes ! Sea Spot Go can easily handle the spots on shower glass. Spray and wipe.
If you wish to clean the metal trim with SSG, please spray a small area, to test, then wipe immediately, and rinse.

Q. Can I use SSG on a hot tub?

A. Not a problem. Anything with a Jelcoat or clear coat finish can handle SSG.

Q. I have a tile shower. Can I use SSG?

A. Not having tested SSG with tile and grout, at this time, we do not endorse its use.

Q. My outside windows have been sprayed with the sprinkler so many times that it is affecting visibility. Is SSG the solution?

A. SSG is definitely the solution ! Though it may require some extra sprays, depending upon how long it’s been since you could actually see through the window, it will come off. To show how well Sea Spot Go gets off hard water I cleaned windows for my sister, a friend, a school, and a store. Each had seen years of hard water build up. I’m not sure what it’s like to have cataracts but I may have gotten a taste of it when I walked into the faculty room of a local elementary and tried to see out of the windows. I brought in a bottle, and together with maintenance personnel, we cleaned the windows of the faculty room and proceeded to other windows in worse condition. They all wiped clean with little effort. Typical ! Check out the picture of the store window. To the right is the area that I cleaned; it was coated and did need some extra squirts but it did clean up. What’s amazing though is that I cleaned part of the window, months ago, just because it made me crazy to look at it. I then walked into the store and gave them a free bottle of SSG. To this day, the store window still looks the same !