About Us

Blue skies, sunshine, smooth water, great skiing . . . . and horrendous water spots ! After 3 days of 107 degree temperatures, the water from Lake Mead was baked onto Dad’s new boat. Getting them off was going to be a chore, so I thought. A “magic” solution was mixed and, to my total amazement, the water spots wiped off with ease. The next season, the summer of 1999, we decided to share that solution with others with water spot problems, and the Wasatch front was introduced to Sea Spot Go.

Through word of mouth, and demonstrations to local dealers, sales skyrocketed in 2000 to 6 times what they were that first year of ‘99. Most people use Sea Spot Go to restore the shine to their boats by cleaning off the dried water spots; boat detailers love it and find it more economical than the competitor; other people use it to shine up the hot tub or clean shower glass that has accumulated spots on a daily basis. Windows that have been sprayed with sprinkler water has created another demand for Sea Spot Go. Still there are other unfortunate souls who have had to clean spots from the sprinklers off of their cars; there’s even a fire station that uses it for the spots on their trucks! IT WORKS !

The demand for a great water spot remover has become such that we’re now expanding out of the local area and adjacent states. Sea Spot Go is produced by The Obvious Solution, LLC just north of Salt Lake City, in Centerville, Utah. If you are as familiar with hard water as we are, you’ll love this product ! Join the enthusiasts who have been using Sea Spot Go for years and who recommend it to their friends.. You’ve got water spots ? We’ve got the solution !!